Class Goals

By taking Basic Website Design, I hope to develop my skills so I can design my own website for any business venture that I choose to embark on. With my current venture, Dope Ent, I am stuck on a lame WordPress layout. I hope that by taking this class I can learn some of the unique features of WordPress so that I can revamp my site.  After conquering WordPress, I look forward to mastering other vehicles of website design so I can have options when faced with the task of designing a website.

After all, I have a lot of good content to work with! Here’s an example:


Previous Experience

In seventh grade I made a few angelfire websites. I learned a little bit of basic html then. Nowadays, I own an entertainment company called Dope Ent. I manage our website. Over the course of our existence, I’ve published a few different layouts. I designed the first one in Photoshop, and then my friend Jae Han turned the layers I had designed in Photoshop into links, and then, ta da! Website! After that layout, I switched to WordPress for it’s ease in content management. I enjoy the ability to formulate a post and have it instantly appear on my website. Other than that, I have designed a few Eventbrite pages with some basic html design to give the ticket sales sites a clean looking top banner.

Check out my company’s logo:

Welcome Everyone!

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to everyone viewing my website design portfolio. Website design is a passion of mine, and by following my blog, you will be able to watch the progression of my work in real-time.  I hope that you see a trend of improvement.  If not, well then I better just quit!  I execute all projects to a tee, and can accommodate any employer’s requests. Please leave feedback on my work and let me know what you think. Thanks!